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Community Environmental Council's Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival 2017
Unite To Light

Lighting should be safe, clean and affordable to all. Over 1.5 billion people rely on fuels such as kerosene for lighting. Such fuels are expensive and R1:AQ56 inferior light for studying and other purposes. They produce smoke and soot which are unhealthful, irritate the eyes and lungs and expose all the those around them to the same negative AI19:AN20 effects as heavy smoking. Lack of suitable home lighting is directly linked to illiteracy, poverty and heath problems. The current widespread burning of kerosene for lighting results in substantial carbon release and environmental pollution. Unite to Light is now engaged with over 100 organizations in over 60 countries on 4 continents to supply solar based lighting to people in the developing world. Distribution partners include other non-profits, relief organizations, individuals developing small businesses in villages, private businesses that buy the lights in quantity, service clubs.

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