Community Environmental Council's Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival 2017

Reach thousands of people – Sponsor Santa Barbara Earth Day! This annual festival has a track record for being one of the best marketing opportunities for national corporate partners, community businesses, and media outlets with a green message.

Earth Day is the most important event of the year for any company or organization wanting to showcase green products and connect with the exploding population of green consumers.

Be a part of the Community Environmental Council’s Earth Day Festival in Santa Barbara. The success of CEC’s Earth Day Festival relies on the energy and hands-on support of our friends and fellow eco-citizens.

Earth Day Santa Barbara has a refreshed commitment to procuring the very best food vendors that will offer local, sustainable, and organic menus. We have searched high and low, and more local, than far and wide for food vendors that represent the spirit of Santa Barbara Earth Day.

Two full days of live music performances, speakers, and family programming – produced by New Noise Santa Barbara. Sign up for a chance to perform at the Festival.

Are you ready for an electrical grid that’s locally controlled and powered by clean energy? Do you want a regional food system that’s healthier for us and for the planet? Your gift to CEC powers the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival, and other efforts to empower our community to take action.