Why exhibit at Santa Barbara Earth Day?

Earth Day is the most important event of the year for any company or organization wanting to showcase green products and connect with the exploding population of green consumers.  As seen across mainstream media and in the marketplace, sustainability efforts are no longer a luxury – they are a requirement.


Important Earth Day stats

•    The Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival is the largest consistently-held Earth Day celebration in California
•    35,894 people attended the 2013 festival
•    2,026 people biked to the event
•    628 people test drove a hybrid or electric vehicle

How the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival is promoted

•    Over $200,000 of in-kind media support from all major media channels
•    Festival guide insert in the Santa Barbara Independent the week of event (circulation approx. 40,000) 
•    Expanded social media marketing campaign that reaches:

- 43,000 people on Twitter
- 7,000 people on Facebook
-  5,500 people via email

How to make the most of your Earth Day experience

Over 35,000 people come through Santa Barbara Earth Day, where approximately 250 exhibitors join the festivities. This is your opportunity to build relationships with new supporters and customers who are ready to engage in this two-day event.

•    Promote your attendance via email and social media in advance of Earth Day. Download our social media guide.
•    Walk around Earth Day and meet other exhibitors. They are potential customers/supporters too!
•    Wear a branded name tag. People like to know who they are talking to.
•    Have a digital or printed sign-up list, and gather those emails before anyone leaves your table.
•    Ask questions instead of pitching your organization or product.