Earth Angels match all gifts made in the month leading up to CEC’s Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival 

Leverage your gift. CEC’s Earth Angels match donations given to CEC throughout Earth Day season.

Businesses and organizations have long been the primary source of Earth Day funding. Now, the Earth Angels program provides individual donors a chance to chip in. Directly support the festival you know and love, while helping CEC take action on climate all year long.

Over a one month period (March 24 to April 23), Earth Day fans and participants are invited to donate to CEC and have their contribution matched. The more Earth Angels, the higher the matching goal for participants.

Your Earth Angel contribution can be capped at any level you wish, with a minimum participation level of $1,000.

Your gift to CEC Earth Angels is a gift to the community!

Last year’s campaign raised $12,000.

Our 2017 goal is $25,000. Help us get there today.

The goal of Santa Barbara Earth Day: Educate, Inspire, Activate.

Santa Barbara sparked the environmental movement in 1969.  Since that time, Community Environmental Council has been at the forefront of environmental action and activism, creating regional solutions to the climate threat that affects every human being.

Nationally and globally, the climate movement is growing. This year, more than ever before, we encourage you to make your voice heard. CEC’s Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival provides tools for taking action in an atmosphere that is educational, inspiring AND fun.

We invite Earth Day event participants to give back and have their donations matched by YOU – our Earth Angels.

Leverage your gift. Become an Earth Angel © Andrew Hill

For gifts larger than $2,500, please contact Anais Pellegrini at